Program Associate

Elkhart County Community Foundation


This position serves as an assistant to the program staff in the oversight of grant and scholarship processes. This individual will provide leadership to the grant and scholarship modules and support to the overall database, grantee and student management, committee relations and other program related duties as needed. This individual will also assist the program department in maintaining a strong, positive public image for the Foundation. This individual will report to the Program Officer for Youth Development & Scholarships.

Nature & Scope:

He/she is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the grants and scholarships database that tracks extensive information on the Foundation’s grant making to grantees and students. Maintenance of the database requires regular interaction with program, development and finance staff. Additionally, he/she will provide support in such areas as, clearing of grant and scholarship payments, grant reporting, database maintenance, budget related tracking, committee materials, meeting minutes, media information, website maintenance (as it pertains to grant and scholarship management) logging, tracking and scheduling, as needed, of site-visits, progress reports, program correspondence and appointments of the program staff.



  • Assist program officers with grants & scholarship administration and program management.
  • Enter and track all scholarship payables. Enter and track grant payables as requested.
  • Maintain exceptional grant and student records.
  • Perform various grant and scholarship reporting functions as needed.
  • Build, manage and maintain grantee and scholarship applications as needed.
  • Assist with the monitoring of grant and scholarship budgets to ensure annual targets are met.
  • Communicate relevant grant and scholarship information with other departments as needed.
  • Provide assistance to grantees and students on application and reporting requirements.
  • Provide support for the SGO process, including reviewing student applications/income verification and communicating with partner schools.
  • Provide support for the outside scholarship committees, including the compliance documentation.
  • Assist with all committee, grantee and student correspondence, including payment distributions.
  • Responds to surveys as requested.
  • Assist in the updating and maintenance of database information such as committee lists, grantee lists, scholarship recipient lists and mailing lists as needed.
  • Prepare and mail grant letters as requested.
  • Participate in the internship program. Train and mentor interns as opportunities arise.
  • Assist with appointment scheduling as requested.
  • Organize site-visits, committee meetings, scholarship events as needed.
  • Organize travel arrangements for program staff as requested.
  • Prepare coffee, lunches and snacks, and provide clean-up as needed for committee members, clients and/or meetings.
  • Carry out general administrative, programmatic or other tasks as assigned by program staff.


  • Preferred candidate will have an associate degree with a minimum of 3 to 5 years of grant, scholarship or database management experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Preferred candidate will have experience with program and grants management.
  • Individual must perform with exceptional attention to detail.
  • The position requires exceptional database operation, manipulation, importing/exporting with a demonstrated proficiency in Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and a preference for FIMS.
  • Successful individual will have a familiarity with tracking budgets and possess a general knowledge of financial functions.
  • He/she must be at ease managing multiple projects and multi-year tracking.
  • This position requires exceptional written, verbal, analytical, and organizational skills.
  • Individual must possess a genuine concern for the people we serve in our community, our volunteers, our educational community and our non-profit partner organizations.
  • Individual must possess a genuine concern for students pursuing post-secondary education.
  • He/she should have a successful track record of community involvement and engagement.
  • He/she will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to communicate well, acting as a primary liaison, when necessary, among program officers and grantees/students.
  • Individual will possess a natural ability to work as part of a larger team as well as the ability to relate well with internal and external constituencies.
  • Preference for an individual with knowledge of Elkhart County Institutions and people.

How to Apply

Individuals interested in applying should draft a cover letter to the attention of:

Amanda Jamison,

Program Officer,

101 South Main Street, Elkhart IN 46516.


Cover letter and current resume should be emailed to


For more information, please visit: