Hurricane/Tropical Storm Tomas


For those of you following the weather and the Jamaica SST group, we are all doing well. We were told to brace for the storm, and we did just that. We made the necessary purchases prior to the storm, then we sat and waited for it to hit. While Tomas did go by us, just … Keep reading »

Jamaica: September 22 – October 4 Field Trips

JAD Visit

A bit of a delayed update for everyone! We’ll start with our trip to the Appleton Rum Factory and YS Falls on the September 22. When we first walked onto the Appleton Estate, we were greeted by an interesting odor. It smelled like the fresh field of manure, to put it politely. Our tour started … Keep reading »

September 28, 2010: Jamaica Weather (AKA) Tropical Storm Nicole


We got word from the U.S. Embassy in Kingston that we were to prepare for a tropical storm.  (Tropical Storm Nicole)  We were expecting mostly rain, according to the initial reports, but we were in for so much more.  Jamaica received the largest amount of rainfall in the area, which was 22 inches, in just a few … Keep reading »

September 18, 2010: Negril, Jamaica Field Trip


Our day began with a departure from Mandeville at 10:00 am.  We loaded into the bus with our sunscreen, snorkel gear, cash, iPods, water shoes, and swim suits.  We had coolers packed with ice and drinks to keep us well hydrated for our long journey. Our first stop was in Goshen, Jamaica.  Yes, you read … Keep reading »

September 13-17, 2010: Jamaica Classes


This week proved to be an exciting week of education coupled with a fun learning environment.  The students learned about Jamaican Health and Nutrition, Jamaican History, Jamaican Culture, Reggae Music and had time for quizzes over books and lectures as well.  Our guest educators were a delight to have.  They brought a wealth of knowledge. … Keep reading »

September 12, 2010, Jamaica: Day 11


We were thrilled to have our first day at the Jamaican Deaf Village Deaf church today. We all met in downtown Mandeville in order to take a bus to the church. At our meeting location, we were able to have conversations with some of the Deaf church members while we waited for our ride. We … Keep reading »

September 9, 2010, Jamaica: Day 8


Today began with a day of classes. After class, some of the students headed to the “Goshen House” (The apartment of the Program Director) in order to have some down time before Deaf Bible Study. Rachel made dinner for the students, and her marshmallows, atop the sweet potato casserole , swelled up and almost consumed … Keep reading »

September 8, 2010, Jamaica: Day 7


Today we met in the morning to head to an award-winning garden in Mandeville. The students were able to see approximately 100+ different flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. The students ate fresh starfruit and tangerines.

September 6, 2010, Jamaica: Day 5


Today the students had their first day of classes. Felicia Campbell, our local Jamaican ASL/JSL teacher, started the day out for the students. After morning classes, the students, accompanied by Josh and Felicia, walked to the best little jerk chicken place in Mandeville; it was highly recommended by the locals.

September 5, 2010, Jamaica: Day 4


Our orientation came to a conclusion today.  Prior to departure, we walked across the street from our villa to the Rio Nuevo Battle Site and Museum. We had a Jamaican tour guide lead us through the museum.  Laura did some interpreting practice during the tour.