September 4, 2010, Jamaica: Day 3

We began our day with breakfast today, and then we jumped right into orientation.  The students took a ton of notes.

We took a breather for lunch.  Rachel and JP went to town and got the group Patties, a popular local food.  It can basically be summed up as a pastry-like shell with beef, cheese and beef, chicken, vegetables, or lobster on the inside.  Rachel also bought bag juice for the students to try. 


After lunch, we took a break from orientation in order to walk down to the ocean for some more snorkeling; the ocean is a terrible thing to waste.  We came back for dinner and some more orientation.

The evening concluded with the students having some down time.  They chose to journal, read, sleep, play card games, check emails, and chat.  Naomi lost countless card games of “Speed” to Josh.  Someone forgot to tell Danae it was summer in Jamaica; she was cuddled up in a blanket.  Carrie was somehow able to sleep through all of the excitement going on around her.