Laminating Services

ITSMedia can handle most laminating jobs in-house with our inventory of laminating equipment. Large volume jobs or items wider than 8.5″ will be referred to off-campus vendors. Laminating jobs are typically processed and delivered in two working days. Rush jobs are possible but depend on staff availability and are subject to additional labor charges. Call 7727 or email if you have questions regarding the services outlined below.

Small Format Laminating – $0.50 per piece (Name Tags, Meal Tickets, Guest Passes, Flashcards, etc.)

If you plan on printing and laminating a number of small items such as meal tickets, name tags, etc., we request that the items be delivered precut and that you keep your items within the standard laminating pouch sizes listed below:

ID Card – 2″x3.25″
Standard – 2.4″x3.6″

*Nonstandard sizes are available upon request. Jobs requiring nonstandard pouches will be processed within two days of delivery of pouches.

Medium Format Laminating – $0.50 per sheet*

Items 3″ x 5″ up to 8.5″ x 11″ can be laminated in our medium format laminator. Items should be precut upon delivery or ITSMedia will assess an hourly charge of $8.25 for the portion of time required to cut items.

Large Format Laminating:

ITSMedia no longer laminates items larger than 8.5″ x 11.” All large format laminating can be taken to Office Max, Staples, or another off-campus vendor.

*$8.25/per hour surcharge added to items that require cutting before laminating

A note about glossy paper and poster board:

ITSMedia does not guarantee that posters or glossy pages will laminate well.  We are always willing to make and attempt but the laminate typically does not seal to these items.