ID Card Services

ITSMedia issues new and replacement student and employee ID/key cards. We also print community cards for the campus library and recreation-fitness center (photos for these cards are taken in the library or RFC). We can also create and print custom cards for a nominal fee (see details below). Contact our office for more information about how to receive ID card services.

Student cards

  1. This card is intended to serve you throughout your years of study at Goshen College. It is your responsibility to keep the card in good condition. It is for your use only and is not transferable to anyone else.
  2. This card is also a key providing access into specific areas as needed; residence halls, computer labs, the connector, etc.
  3. Your card is also needed for service in the dining hall, Leafraker, RFC admittance, and for checking books and other materials out of the library. In addition, you will need it to gain free admission to home athletic events.
  4. To be valid, your card must have a validation sticker for the current year of enrollment. Stickers are applied during fall and spring check-in.
  5. Please refrain from punching holes in your card. If you wish to attach it to your keys, the bookstore offers clear plastic card holders. *** Punching a hole through the card will render the card useless as a key and prevent you from accessing doors. ***
  6. A replacement fee of $20 will be charged to your account for lost or mutilated cards. Replacement cards may be obtained from the ITSMedia office which is located on the South side of the Union building.
  7. Once a replacement card is issued, the old card is deactivated and all data linking that card to campus systems is changed for security purposes, so an old card cannot be re-activated if found.

Remember to retain your card for future semesters of study at Goshen College.

Employee cards

New Faculty & Staff (0.5FTE and greater) – your picture will be taken by the Public Relations department (contact their office for an appointment) and ID card will be issued at ITSMedia during walk-in hours. Validation stickers for employees are issued by the RecFitness center. ID card replacements are $20 for employees.

Community member cards

ITSMedia prints out ID cards for community patrons who wish to use the library. Visit the library site for information on how to obtain this service at Harold & Wilma Good Library.

Custom cards

ITSMedia will design cards for other official use with proper approval. The setup fee is $75 and a $2.00 printing fee will also be incurred for each card. Contact our office at ext. 7727 for more information.