Equipment Rental

ITSMedia does not charge rental fees for GC-owned equipment when servicing on-campus events. However, we regularly receive requests from individuals and organizations interested in renting our equipment. We do have a limited pool of equipment that we make available for rent. In these cases, the availability of rental equipment is determined by the schedule of events at the college, so an item that was available on one date may not be on another.

We recommend contacting the following firms to rent equipment that is not available through ITSMedia.

CIM Technology Solutions ( Ft. Wayne)

Markey’s (Ft. Wayne)

TPC Technologies (Niles, MI)

Audio equipment

Cardioid microphone (Shure SM58 or SM57) $10
Condenser recording microphone $30
Mackie 1202 mixer $200
Wireless microphone (lapel) $30
Portable PA system (Anchor Liberty with 2 mics $25
Full PA system (amps, mics, speakers, mixer)
(only to be rented by approved operator)

Video Equipment

16mm projector $25
Digital 8 camcorder $30
Portable LCD projector (3000 lumens) $40
Slide Projector $25

Audio accessories

(prices of items rented separately from above equipment)

Mic cables $5
Mic stands $5

Other equipment

Easel (flip chart included) $10
Extra flip charts $5
Projection screen $15
Tripod $5