10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My computer is broken, can you fix it?
A: ITSMedia provides Audio/Visual Services around campus and does not service or repair office or personal computers. If you are having trouble with your office or personal computer, your e-mail account, computer software, or you are waiting to pick up a computer that is being worked on, please contact the ITS helpdesk at x7700 for assistance.

Q: My ID card is broken/lost, how can I get a new one?
A: To get a new ID card, come into our office located on the south side of the Union building during walk-in hours. If your card is broken, you can get a free replacement if you bring the pieces with you to the office. If your card is lost, a replacement will cost $20 which will be charged directly to your student account.

Q: Can I borrow a digital camera or camcorder?
A: We have digital still cameras and video camcorders that are available for one-day or weekend checkouts. Each camera comes with a USB cable to connect to a computer and an RCA cable to connect to a TV. One person can reserve one camera up to a month ahead of when it is needed.

Q: Can you transfer my old VHS tapes to DVD?
A: ITSM does various media dubs, including VHS to DVD, however we do not make dubs or copies of any material that is copyrighted without the permission of the company that produced it. To see what dubs we can do and the costs, check out our duplication information.

Q: I have a DVD that I would like copies of, how much does that cost?
A: ITSM can make DVD or CD copies of non-copyrighted discs for a low price. See our price list for exact costs. Because not all types of burnable discs are compatible with our duplication machine, we use our own blank CDs and DVDs which are included in the cost of duplication. We are able to print labels directly onto the discs, so let us know what you would like printed on your labels.

Q: Can I buy blank CDs and DVDs from ITSM?
A: CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, and VHS tapes may be purchased at the bookstore. ITSM does not sell these except in bulk to departmental accounts. However, we do sell other types of blank media. Check out our blank media page for more information.

Q: Can I borrow a laptop?
A: Faculty and Staff may borrow one of our dual-boot (either Mac or Windows 7) Macbook Pro laptops that are available for checkout for the purpose of creating and displaying multimedia presentations. Because of the specialized purpose of these machines and the growing demand on campus for portable computing we have developed a circulation policy regarding these machines, which can be viewed on our equipment checkout page.

Q: I checked out a laptop from ITSM, but what do I do if I need help when the office is closed?
A: Check out our Mac resource page or our Windows resource page for help using ITSMedia’s laptops.  For information about the laptops, including parts diagrams, see the specifications on our equipment checkout page.

Q: I’m doing an interview, what equipment can I borrow?
A: See our equipment checkout page for available equipment or see our interview help page to help determine what kind of equipment you will need.

Q: Can I borrow speakers to hook up to my ipod/CD player?
A: Faculty and Staff may borrow 1 – 2 speakers (anchors) for campus events. You can connect them to iPods, CD players, microphones, or electric instruments, just let us know ahead of time what you need. Faculty and Staff may also rent the speakers for off-campus events such as weddings, although availability may be limited. Contact us for more information.