Flip Video Tutorials

ITSMedia recommends that you use the Mac lab in the basement of the Union or your personal Windows or Mac computer to offload and edit the videos from the Flip cameras.  Using the Windows Lab computers is a possibility, however you may run into issues with the free space available on your m: drive.

On the lab Windows computers the Flip cameras are set to save your video to the “My Videos” folder which uses up a part of your m: drive quota.  If you choose to do this you need to make sure you have at least 2GB of free space on your M: drive.  When you move your video to the Classes drive, remember to delete your file from your M: drive space so it doesn’t count against your quota.

Below are some videos on how to edit and transfer your Flip video projects.

Select the video from the list below and it will play in the window below:

Tutorials for MAC

Part 1 – Getting Started
Part 2 – Saving video clips
Part 3 – Saving entire video
Part 4 – Saving clips to camera and computer
Part 5 – Finding saved videos
Part 6 – Saving to classes folder
Part 7 – Ejecting camera


Tutorials for Windows

Part 1 – Getting started
Part 2 – Saving clips to camera and computer
Part 3 – Saving clips to computer only
Part 4 – Saving entire video
Part 5 – Finding saved videos
Part 6 – Ejecting camera