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Part III. Communication Skills

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Part V. Computing Knowledge Survey

Please do not be concerned if you do not know the answers to the following questions. If most people who filled this out knew all the answers, then it would not be much of a measuring tool. We are looking for how you approach the questions, and for the areas with which you are familiar. Just tell us how you would proceed, even if it means going to a manual for help.

1. How do you find an IP address on a computer (also known as the physical address)?

2. My Computers Video is not working. I used to be able to watch Youtube videos and now I can't. What should I try to fix the problem?

3. I uploaded a Webpage I created onto several different pages on a Web server. Now when I load the page into Firefox it cannot find the pictures I uploaded. What might have happened?

4. I am typing a paper for Spanish class. How can I generate accented characters?

5. How do you compress pictures in PowerPoint 2010?

6. I have a ten page document. I want to have a header appear at the top of every printed page, but I want the first page to be different then the rest, How can I do this?

7. I have a group of friends that I email all the time. Is there a way to send emails to them without having to re-type all their emails out each time?

8. I want to send my teacher a copy of my paper that I wrote in Microsoft Word through email. Is this possible?

9. My computer is plugged into the network jack but when I start up the system it does not let me on the Internet.
What most likely is wrong with my system? What should I check first?

10. I turned on my computer and I can hear it start up but the monitor doesn't come on. What can I check to determine why my monitor isn't working?

11. I want to print some addresses on envelopes. What should I do?

12. I have a word processing document that I created in Microsoft Word, now I want to give it to a friend to read but she does not have Microsoft Office. How can I make it possible for her to ready my document on her computer?

Part VI. My Schedule

Help Desk hours are Mon-Thur: 8:00AM to 10PM, Friday 8:00AM to 5:30PM, Saturday: 2PM to 4PM, and Sunday 6PM to 10PM. If called for an interview please bring your schedule to the Help Desk for review.