Student Technology Assistant Page





Pranabh Basnett
Pranabh is from Kathmandu, Nepal.  He is an accounting major and after graduating from GC he plans on attending Law School
Jadon Chupp Jadon Chupp Jadon, is a Nursing Major and is a Junior
Sim Dlova
 Sim comes to us from South Africa.  She is an informatics major and has a young daughter.
 kevin_florentnsprung  Kevin Florentn Sprung  Kevin is a sophomore. His majors are Accounting and Exercise Science.

He plans on going to Tanzania Spring 2017.  He describes himself as Self-driven and positive!

 calvin2  Calvin Mangunda
 Calvin is from is Zimbabwe.  He is a Business major with a Marketing minor. Calvin is also a member of the men’s soccer team
 evan_mangunda Evan Mangunda

Evan is an IT major.  He is a first year and is on the soccer team. His older brother, Calvin recruited him for GC and the team.
   Peter Meyer Reimer
  Peter is from Goshen. He is a biology and interdisciplinary major. Both of Peters Parents are Academic Faculty members here at GC!
Kendall M  Kendall Miller  Kendall is a Computer Science major.  He has experience in customer service and managing other workers while at his previous job, Sweet Corn Charlies.
Nick Nick Peebles Nick is originally from Chicago.  He is a Theater Major a



Jay Reid Jay is originally from England.  He was scouted by the soccer coach.

Jay spent some time playing semi-professional soccer in England and also played college soccer in CA before coming to Goshen.  Jay’s major is Business.

Peter Schrock
Peter’s home town is Goshen, IN. His major is mathematics.

Ryan Smith Ryan Smith  Ryan is a Business major. He has had numerous jobs before working at GC. He is on both the track and cross-country teams.
 Josh S. Josh Stolzfus
Josh is from Goshen and he is an Environmental Science major.  His mom is Assistant Professor of PJCS, Regina Shands Stoltzfus,
  Kartikeya    Sharma Kart is a Computer Science major.  He is from Mumbai Maharashtra Bombay India.
   Brian  Sutter   Brian is from South Bend, IN. He was valedictorian of his senior class.
He is a physics & informatics double major. Brian is our current Lead STA



 Ethan  Wang  Ethan is from Nanjing China. One of his Father’s friends suggested Ethan check out Goshen College.  Ethan’s major is Biochemistry.  He plans on Attending grad school after he completes his undergraduate work at GC.