Google Apps at Goshen College

Join the fun and go Google!

Google Apps are a suite of online tools, powered by Google, that can be used for email, calendar, and working collaboratively on files in real time. All enrolled Goshen College students and all faculty and staff have Google Apps accounts. Visit and log in with your Goshen College email address and password to access your account. Google Apps  does not replace Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) on campus, but will serve as a complementary tool set for document collaboration. Click here to see an overview of Google Apps.

Why Google Apps?

The one word answer is pedagogy.  Technology has been applied pedagogically for millennia but it’s most effective when it’s standardized and supported. So, just as we standardized on the iPad to facilitate using mobile technology pedagogically, standardizing on Google apps makes it easier to use Mail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google+,  Google Sites, YouTube for Schools, and other Google tools in the GC curriculum.  More specifically, Google Drive integrates well with our Moodle learning management system and simplifies iPad file uploads to Moodle. Google Docs has best of breed collaborative tools in the industry. YouTube for Schools offers one of the best and simplest workflows for posting and sharing video assignments, and a growing higher education content library. The potential applications are almost unlimited.

We’re always working to make your Goshen College educational experience compelling, forward-thinking, and challenging. Adopting Google Apps is just another advance, equipping you for the workplace of tomorrow.

Google Apps Support

Support for Google Apps can be found in our Help Desk Knowledgebase.
Click here to access the Knowledgebase.

Google Apps FAQ

Click here to view our FAQ page for Google Apps