Goshen College Searches for New ISGA Director

Following the announcement of Director John D. Roth’s appointment as project director of MennoMedia’s new “Anabaptist at 500” project, Goshen College has strongly affirmed its commitment to supporting the ongoing work of the ISGA. Not only will its work continue, but the ISGA will expand its scope to include oversight of the Mennonite Historical Library. The new ISGA director will also have a faculty appointment in the Goshen College history department and teach several courses relevant to global Christianity and the work of the ISGA.  Goshen College has initiated a search for the new ISGA director and hopes to announce the new hire later this spring.

The ISGA grew out of Roth’s experience of being “born again” into the global church in 2011. This spirit of inspiration has brought about many projects over the years for the ISGA — facilitating research, education, preservation and networking to build up the community of the global Anabaptist church. ISGA projects initiated by Roth include: the Bearing Witness project to publish present-day martyr stories; the Global Anabaptist Profile survey of faith and practices among Anabaptist-Mennonite churches around the world; the Global Anabaptist Wiki website to preserve and make available user-generated stories and archives; numerous publications; an expanded ISGA website, and various other projects noted in Rhizome newsletters stretching back over eight years.

As we look to the future, the new director will continue to lead the ISGA in nurturing connections among the various members of the global Anabaptist-Mennonite church and fostering academic research specifically oriented to the global church. Additionally, the ISGA will become more integrated into the life of Goshen College, with the director leading new initiatives in student engagement, research, and internships through ISGA, and helping to connect ISGA’s work to Goshen College’s strengths in community-engaged learning.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the ISGA as its exciting work continues to grow under the leadership of a new director!