BiDA Use in Colombia

By Eric Martin

As part of our responsibilities as international service workers through Mennonite Mission Network in Colombia, my wife and I have formed a partnership with Mennonite Biblical Seminary of Colombia. We have developed online courses for youth and young adults, covering subjects such as Bible, history, theology, ethics, and church leadership, all through an Anabaptist lens. One of the problems we encountered was how to provide our students with adequate resources and material in these  courses. Then I discovered the Biblioteca Digital Anabautista. It has been an invaluable resource while running these courses since I am easily able to provide readings to study, as well as offer further resources to students who have questions about a certain topic. In each of the classes, we provide a link to the Biblioteca and encourage students to check out the resources available there. BiDA has been a real gift to our online program in Colombia. Without something like BiDA it would be impossible for us to provide access to Anabaptist resources for all of our students.