Anabaptist family devotional guide enters testing phase

"Bible Reading” by Han Lee. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Bible Reading” by Han Lee. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A devotional guide sponsored by the ISGA and focused on Anabaptist faith practices is now in the hands of young families for a trial run.

Intended to serve as an easy-to-use resource for families seeking to nurture faith development in their preschool and elementary-aged children, the guide is structured around ten Anabaptist practices:

  1. Scripture reading
  2. prayer
  3. community
  4. bearing witness
  5. worship
  6. non-violence
  7. steadfast faith
  8. centrality of Christ
  9. communion
  10. believer’s baptism

Each section includes scripture readings, reflection questions, prayers, stories from both the Martyrs Mirror and the contemporary global church, and interactive activities.

Lisa Weaver—elementary school teacher, author, and member of Madison Mennonite Church—worked with Elizabeth Miller from the ISGA in developing the guide. They hope the feedback they receive from families will help in strengthening the guide for broader use.