Alfresco @ Goshen College

Note: On November 12, 2014 the information stored in Alfresco was migrated to Google Drive folders to facilitate easy access by the HLC visiting team. What was the “Document Library” in Alfresco has all been copied into a Google Drive folder that has been shared with each academic department chair. The information inside the Google Drive folders is identical to that information in Alfresco.

As we are learning more about Google Drive each day, and our hope is to explore its viability as a long-term replacement for Alfresco in terms of keeping institutional records. If we are able to determine that Google Drive meets our requirements, we would benefit from having one less system to learn/remember how to use. Evaluation of Google Drive as a replacement for Alfresco will likely continue into next year. We don’t expect to make a decision regarding institutional use until after the HLC visit in March, 2015.

Regardless of the technology ultimately used, our goal is to establish and maintain an institutional information library that will serve as the official source for information such as:

  • Institutional & departmental survey reports (department specific results are posted in each department’s folder; institutional results are posted in the Assessment and Institutional Research folder)
    • Alumni surveys
    • Senior surveys
    • Satisfaction surveys
  • Environmental & benchmark data
  • Historic departmental annual reports
  • Current & historic program student learning outcomes (SLOs) &  assesssment matrices/plans
  • Prior departmental HLC self-study reports
  • Historic syllabi
  • Historic minutes for key campus committees