Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Rules


  • Intramural Ultimate Frisbee is a Co-Ed sport that will be played 7-on-7.
  • If your team is playing full strength (7-players), at a minimum you must have at least two women playing at once.
  • If your team is short of players you may play with as few as 5-players but must still feature at least one female player on the field.
  • Intramural Staff will provide Frisbees and Penny Jerseys for each game.
  • Please put jerseys and Frisbees together back inside the bag following your game.


  • The first team to score 11-points will be declared the winner.
  • If neither team has scored 11 points within 75 minutes of the start of the game, the team with the higher point total will be declared the winner. Captains should monitor the time during the game. The early games should be completed by 4:15pm, while the later game should end by 5:30pm.
  • When your game is complete, there will be a clipboard on-sight where you must use the highlighter provided to highlight the winner of each contest. You may also provide the final score.
  • Feel free to make up games on the weekends if a game is called because of bad weather, just email the results of your game.


  • BOUNDRIES: First point of contact (with the ground) is crucial. You only need one foot in order to be considered in bounds. However it must be the FIRST part of the person that touches.
  • STALLING: The person with the disc has 10 seconds to throw it. If the person guarding them counts to ten (out loud), before the disc is released, it is a turnover.
  • TREES: if the disc hits any part of the tree, it is treated as if it hit the ground, and it is a turnover.


Lightening is extremely dangerous, please use good judgment and leave the playing area if you hear thunder off in the distance and/or see lightning. You will need to make up the game or it will be counted as a double forfeit. If it is only raining and there is not danger of being struck by lightening, you may continue to play outside. However in the event you need to clear the field, please return intramural equipment to the front desk of the RFC.