Rules for Intramural Sports

Team Captains

We will e-mail or call team captains with any announcements regarding their particular sport, such as cancellations or rescheduling due to bad weather. Team captains primarily serve as the liaison between the participants in a particular sport and the intramural staff.


After the sign-up period is over and the schedules have been made, ONLY CAPTAINS will receive a roster, schedule and a list of the rules. Each captain is responsible for making sure their team knows and understands all rules. Schedules and rules can be found under their relative links on the Intramural Web Page.


Teams are expected to arrive and be ready to play at the time that their match is scheduled. There is often additional field space or court space where you can warm-up even if there is another game going on before your scheduled game. If a team does not show up within five minutes of the scheduled game, referees and intramural staff together will declare that game as a forfeit. If one team shows up and the other does not show up prior to five minutes after the scheduled game time, then the team that is present will be given a win and the other team will be given a forfeit. If neither team shows up in time, the game will be declared a double forfeit.


Most team sport seasons will be followed immediately by a playoff. Playoffs usually involve all of the teams (although this can vary), and the teams with the best records will make the playoffs. The season record will also roughly be used to determine seeding. Team captains will be notified of the playoff schedule. Captains, it is your responsibility to notify your team when you play. The playoffs will be single-elimination.

Inclement weather cancellations

In the case that weather should force the cancellation of any events, we will TRY to notify the captains of the events in question, with an e-mail or phone call announcing the cancellations at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the game.

Who is eligible

All sports are open to all men and women who are students, faculty, or staff at Goshen College.


You are expected to abide by the rules and standards set by Goshen College. In addition the intramural staff together with referees have the authority to remove anyone acting inappropriately from any game or event. Such action could result in suspension for the remainder of the season. The intramural program strives to be a place for fun and recreation; inappropriate behavior detracts from that mission.