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The Center for Intercultural and International Education transforms education. We have the evidence to prove it. We know that the work we are doing now will impact the educational landscape for years to come, and so we seek contributions that will help sustain the center as cultural contexts continue to change. Whatever you donate will go towards sponsering another individual’s education. We really need your support and generousity.

Here are the various ways to contribute:

  • ONLINE –  Give using our secure server »
    Options include putting it on your credit card, indicate that you are sending a check or making a pledge.*Note: If making a gift to a specific fund, click on “one-time credit card gift,” choose the “other” box option for designation and type the fund name into the blank box.
  • By MAIL
    Print out, complete and mail this Gift Form (.pdf). Or, detach, complete and mail the “Take Up the Lamp” Gift Form that was inserted in your last issue of the Bulletin.
  • By PHONE
    If you would prefer to make a gift by phone, contact the development office at (574) 535-7558.
    If you are an employee of Goshen College, you can have your gift withheld from your paychecks. Divide the amount you would like to give by number of paychecks per year (usually 24). Print out, complete and bring this Payroll Deduction Form (.pdf) to Human Resources.

For further questions please feel free to Contact us:

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