Standing Up and Speaking Out:
Student Voices

Each individual’s journey contributes to the story of a family, of a culture and of a society. When students participate in the Student Leadership Program at the Center for Intercultural and International Education they learn to share their stories with the world − and that’s a way to heal the world.

Hear what they have to say. You just might learn something.



  • Priscilla Ramirez

    Meet Priscilla!

  • Cecily Valdez

    Great Leader, Aspiring Nurse “While Goshen College was never at the top of my list of colleges to attend, going to a college period was. As a first-generation student, I felt the responsibility to uphold the title of “the one who succeeds” in her education, the role model who will set the example for others […]

  • Tavo Parral

    The Story of a True Leader “I first came to Goshen College not knowing anything about it. I applied to this school and got accepted, but I didn’t know what kind of school it was, the environment it portrayed, and how the people were. All I knew was that I would be playing basketball and […]

  • Edgar Saucedo-Davila

    The teacher’s aid helped Edgar figure out the scholarship, and by the next fall Edgar was a full-time student at Goshen College.

  • Daisy Gaspar

    “In seventh and eighth grade, I taught Catechism. And during the summers, I helped in summer school while in seventh and eighth grade… Throughout high school, I also wanted to teach.”

  • Francisco Gallegos

    Francisco’s father wanted to ensure that the decision to send his son to college would “move his family forward.” After seeing all that his son has accomplished in just a year, Francisco Sr. found that the Center offers a golden opportunity.

  • Rocio Diaz

    Third-year business major Rocio Díaz hopes to one day attend law school and start her own law firm. In addition to working part-time at a local law firm, Rocio serves as the student assistant for both the Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning and the Multicultural Affairs Office.