Pooling Resources: Collaborative Studies

Goshen College and The University of Notre Dame Collaborative Studies

The Center for Intercultural and International Education (CIIE) has conducted comprehensive research projects with Notre Dame to discover a better understanding of Ethnicity and Development of Latinos Across North Central Indiana.

The Community/Demographic Needs and Asset Based Study

CIIE and the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame collaborated on a three-part study that:

  • Examines the demographic and socioeconomic information of the Latino community in three counties in Northeastern Indiana (St. Joseph, Noble and Elkhart counties).
  • Compiles a historical account of the settlement and adjustment of Latinos to this part of Indiana.
  • Provides a need- and asset-based assessment of the educational need and resources of Latino students and their families in representational cities found in these counties.


Two CIIE research projects have recently been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  The abstracts are available on the links below.


To learn more about these projects, please contact Gilberto Perez Jr. at gperez@goshen.edu.

Through this partnership, CIIE will be able to expand existing understanding of the adjustment, needs and contributions of the Latino immigrant community in northeastern Indiana. We anticipate that the findings of this study will influence the development of more effective service delivery practices in the community, particularly in area of education.