Make Your Mark: Access to Education

Experience real transformation at Goshen College. While the Center for Intercultural and International Education (CIIE) three main facets are research, curriculum development and access to education, successful education for all students is the passion that motivates our work.

“Once that student goes to college and succeeds and moves on, what he can bring back as a resource to his community and his immediate family are so much more powerful.” —Dr. Rebecca Hernandez, former CIIE director

Goshen College’s four-year graduation rate for minority students is 80% – a rate much higher than most other colleges and universities. That’s quite remarkable, yet we are exploring how to improve the educational experience, too. Goshen College values cultural diversity, and at CIIE we use our community-based research to develop curriculum that meets minority students where they are and supports their lifelong success. We foster leadership students in Latino students through our Student Leadership Program, and like our students’ families we provide the much-needed support that students need to succeed. The graphic below represents the general path CIIE student leaders experience during their four years at Goshen College.

To enroll at Goshen College, all students work with the Admissions Office, which can also provide information about and applications for CIIE’s Student Leadership Program. Take a look around the college in this virtual campus tour, or find out about financial aid opportunities.

4- Year Ethnically Rooted Leadership Model