Motivation for Transformation: About us

We bring our passion to work. Every day. We believe that education is part of the social system, and we are addressing the educational needs and resources of Latino students in our community to build a successful future for all. CIIE connects with the Latino population in our broader community, and we also engage students and educators on the Goshen College campus.

Our work is in research, curriculum development and educational access, with the ultimate goal of understanding students’ cultural contexts and how those contexts influence their educational experience. In many ways we serve as a knowledge base, providing recommendations and teaching (and learning) so that we can continue to transform the learning community into one that better supports student success.

We believe that intercultural transformation is necessary to consider education a success. That means students and educators interacting in new ways, which in turn gives them the skills, experience and confidence to transform whatever communities they join. We offer scholarships and grants and conduct research and seminars. We also support the development of the college’s domestic Study-Service Term program.


In 2006, a $12.5 million grant from the education division of Lilly Endowment gave Goshen College the unique opportunity to establish the Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning, now known as Center for Intercultural and International Education.

The Center works to understand how small liberal arts colleges can best serve the educational needs of rapidly increasing Latino immigrant populations. Goshen College intends to extend these insights to better enroll and retain other students of color.

Three main objectives are to:

  1. Create a transformed learning community on campus,
  2. Increase access to Goshen College for under-served students, and
  3. Do research into changing local demographics and their implications for higher education.

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