Engaging the Latino community through policing presentations

Once a month, from April 2013 to June 2014 Latino congregations from Goshen, IN alongside local law enforcement officials; Goshen Police Department and Elkhart County Sheriff Department have gathered to learn how policing is done in Goshen, increased communication between law encorcement officials and Latino community members, and increased trust between all participants of the policing presentations. Community presentations, led by Bienvenido Community Solutions, LLC were made possible due to the financial support of the Community Relations Commission, City of Goshen.

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The topics that arise primarily places an emphasis on racial profiling and immigration status. These topics at times can be very fragile to discuss and has even led to moments of tension between officials and community members. It has been agreed upon that these discussions are an important step in building trust between the two groups and to help build a better future for Goshen. The interaction thus far with law enforcement officials has been very beneficial.The Latino community has been grateful for the opportunity to have shared their concerns and affrimation for the work that law enformcement officials carry out day in and day out in Goshen. The coming together of law enforcement and Latino pastors and congregants has built intercultural bridges between these groups. CIIE was pleased to provide space for the final community policing presentation.

For more information about this program, please contact Gilberto Pérez, gperez@goshen.edu