Priscilla Ramirez

Family Background:

I was born in California but both of my parents are from Mexico. My dad is from Michoacán and my mom is from Puebla. Although I did live in Mexico for about eight months when I was in elementary school, I have grown up in Indiana so I consider this place my home. My family holds traditional Mexican values, but my siblings and I have really embraced our own Mexican American culture. My uncles and aunts like to joke around and say that I speak “Spanglish,” which is the truth.




I don’t have many hobbies. I guess I can say that I love to read for fun when I have the time.  I love reading blogs and poetry. Also, I like to listen to music, and lately I have gone for runs just to clear my mind.

Reasons for choosing GC:

I mainly came to Goshen because of my sister. I came to visit her a couple of times when I was in high school and it felt right. It was also not too close or too far from home.


The CITL scholarship benefited me financially and has given me the opportunity to have an education at Goshen.


After I graduate from Goshen, I want to take a year off before applying and hopefully attending medical school.  I want to go into pediatrics, maybe be a surgeon or start my own practice.