Diana Navarro

Family Background:

My family is originally from Mexico. Both of my parents were born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. My older sister and I were both born in Illinois and my younger brother was born in Mexico.


History and Political Science


My favorite thing to do is sing. I have been in choir for six years now. I have been a part of a number of musicals in high school and I took voice lessons for four years.  I was a thrower and also did track and field all through high school. I plan to join the track team here at GC.

Reasons for choosing GC:

There are multiple reasons why I came to GC. It is close to home, it has small class sizes, and I’m getting financial aid that helps me and my family pay for my education.

Impact of CITL:

Not only has the CITL scholarship helped me financially. It has also helped me in building my leadership skills and its giving me a support group that helps me stay on track with academics as well as other aspects of my experience at GC.


My plans for the future are to attend law school. I am looking forward to gain some experience working in the field for a few years before I go to Law school. I eventually want to become a lawyer so that I can help people with different legal situations.