Students from the SALT  program take notes during a summer class.

GOSHEN, Ind. –  Each summer, young aspiring college students are joining us on campus to participate in our annual Summer Academic Leadership Training (SALT) program. Throughout this 3-week program, each student takes a 3-credit course.

During this program, students learn skills such as leadership, public speaking, writing and other skills beneficial to their college career. Every afternoon, there is a proctored study time in which librarians assist students with work. In addition to the course and workshop, students partake in weekend field trips to museums.

Worship is also incorporated into this program as there is worship time every Tuesday night. On Thursdays, academic sessions are held.

The goals of SALT are to assist students in the transition from high school to college: to gain familiarity with the campus, professors and each other, and to gain 3 credit hours toward their college career.

“Goshen College is known for sending outstanding people into the world to make positive change happen. This is our first step toward transforming these young individuals into powerful leaders!,” said Rebecca Hernandez, associate dean of intercultural development and educational partnership at Goshen College.

– By Lizzy Diaz