Discovering the Joy of Teaching (by Connor Wyse)

These pictures are from my 1st day of teaching English class in Indonesia. I have 2 classes, one lower and one higher level course. I have found as I have begun to teach here that I actually enjoy teaching. It’s been very fun and the students are great. I wasn’t sure how the whole dynamic would work because I am the same age or just slightly older than the students. They are very accepting of me though and have a great willingness to learn. Our dynamic is interesting – I made it clear that we are all teachers. I help them with their English, they help me with my bahasa Indonesian. So far classes have gone well though and I am now teaching one class a week with another teacher and two a week on my own. It is quite a bit of extra work but they really want to learn and so I have decided to help. I have seen a lot of people’s English get better in my time here. They are super fast learners!