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Mission & Direction


Goshen College, a liberal-arts educational center for the transmission, enrichment, enlargement and embodiment of the Anabaptist-Mennonite vision of the church as a community of faith for the work of God in the world, seeks to develop informed, articulate, sensitive, responsible Christian disciples.

A bachelor’s-degree-granting institution sponsored by the Mennonite Church, Goshen College is open to all students interested in an educational program which is committed to biblical faith and practice as revealed and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

As a ministry of the Mennonite Church, Goshen College intends to enrich and extend the life of the church and its mission in the world by transmitting and exploring Christian faith and discipleship; by relating Christian perspectives and values to learning and professional life; by encouraging active participation and leadership in congregations; and by expanding the influence of such ideals as love and peace, justice and order, stewardship and benevolence.

As a liberal-arts college, Goshen strives to be a community of educators and students providing a learning environment which fosters personal, social, intellectual and spiritual growth; which nurtures those skills, processes, disciplines and methodologies required for systematic study and problem solving; which provides sufficient knowledge in one subject area as a base for advanced training or professional work; which develops an appreciation for and critical understanding of human experience and cultural variety; which builds confidence, acceptance and identity necessary for purposeful living in church and society.

As a center of continuing study and research on issues of importance to the church and larger society and as a center for continuing education and public service, Goshen expects to assist Mennonite congregations and agencies and the community of Elkhart and surrounding counties through the increase and dissemination of knowledge in research, writing and publications, by providing life-long educational and cultural activities, and by encouraging expanded awareness and more responsible service in the world.

Six Strategic Directions:

- Cultivate a Culture of Hospitality -
Goshen College will become recognized as a campus that is welcoming and hospitable.  The enhancement of our relational culture is necessary for healthy intellectual, social and spiritual growth. The leading characteristics of the renewed culture will be trust, friendship and mutual respect.

- Foster a Participatory Learning Environment -
Goshen College will foster a participatory learning community informed by the mission and core values with excellence in all areas of teaching and learning. The result will be an energized learning process, which utilizes the best pedagogical practices.

- Revitalize Enrollment -
Goshen College will revitalize enrollment in order to serve 1,200 students (headcount, with an FTE of 1,000) in our programs. Increased enrollment gives us the vitality to compete nationally. We have the infrastructure needed to serve this level of enrollment. We must engage this category with all seriousness in order to achieve the other categories of the plan.

- Interact Intentionally with Constituency -
Engage constituencies by inviting interaction and partnership. Respond to the critical concerns of communication with our constituencies as identified in the environmental scan. Our constituencies are a vital support structure for achieving our mission. We value the input and ideas of each constituency. Through increased engagement we will establish Goshen College as a resource that contributes to our constituencies.

- Strengthen Our Human Resources -
Goshen College will enhance its programs of recruitment, retention and development of faculty and staff. We will provide support to improve teaching and service delivery.

- Ensure Operational Excellence -
Goshen College will establish an institutional culture committed to best practices. In each endeavor of this plan, we will seek models and method that will keep us fresh and creative. We recognize the need to learn from the other individuals and institutions beyond our immediate campus community.  We will avoid being insular. We will also profit by sharing what works for us within our community of learning.

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