Health Insurance

Goshen College expects all students be covered by a personal or family health insurance plan. Students may use their medical insurance to cover payment of services at Goshen Family Physicians (GFP), a medical service provider located one miles east of campus.  Students must have a Confidential Health Form on file in the Goshen College Wellness & Health Center in order to use GFP.

Student Athletes

Student Athletes will need to provide proof of insurance to the Athletic Office. Information related to this process is available at

International Students

International Students will need to purchase insurance through StudentSecure Insurance and provide proof of insurance to their adviser. The policy that all international students are required to sign up for is either the Select or Budget option.

Enroll in and pay for the “Select or Budget” policy by August 11. Provide proof of purchase to Skip Barnett,, if you are a returning student, or to if you are a new student.