Graduate Projects from 2008 – 2009

Why have some college presidents chosen to sign the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment and what does this mean for their institutions?

Nayla Jimenez mug shot

– Nayla Jiménez

Nayla surveyed the 110 schools affiliated with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities regarding their position on the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. She also developed a curriculum that could be used to educate college administrators or student groups on “greening” their campuses.

What attracts shoppers to a Farmer’s Market?

Mallory Kuhn mug shot

– Mallory Kuhn

Mallory conducted a consumer-based study of the Goshen Farmer’s Market. She surveyed the market’s mailing list and also interviewed market customers. Her purpose was to learn how people heard about the market and what motivates them to continue shopping at a Farmer’s Market. Her findings were presented to the Farmer’s Market board to help them with their marketing strategies. She also developed a curriculum to educate the public about buying locally.

Does earning a scout merit badge increase environmental literacy?

Todd Weston mug shot

– Todd Weston

Todd surveyed scout troops in Missouri and Indiana and compared their scores with the National Environmental Education Standards designed by the North American Association for Environmental Education. His purpose was to determine if scouts who have completed merit badges score higher than those who have not. He then used this information to design a more effective merit badge curriculum.