Professional Field Studies

In the class Professional Field Studies in Environmental Education, students travel with faculty members throughout the region to introduce students to a wide range of programs, nature centers, pedagogies, leadership styles, and management strategies in environmental education. Students will investigate the interdisciplinary nature of environmental education: critical issues, variations the field may take, and the decision-making process that will affect them as educators throughout their career.

Each student develops professional connections, practical resources, and a broad understanding of environmental education. The cohort will have opportunities to engage with leaders and planners in local cities, Indiana legislators, or federal and state agencies. There are also opportunities to participate in national or regional conferences, such as the North American Association for Environmental Education and the Environmental Education Association of Indiana conferences.

Past field studies have included: Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore, the Dunes Learning Center, Kalamazoo Nature Center, Grand Rapids School District, overnight visits in Chicago and Detroit to see urban garden programs, museums, faith-based nonprofits, and the greenest synagogue in the country.

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