About the Goshen College-EMU DNP Consortium

The Goshen College-EMU DNP Consortium is an academic designation. The DNP is the first practice doctorate available for nurses. Practice doctorates apply knowledge gained from evidence-based practice to patient care. The DNP offered by Goshen College and Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) is a post-MSN, 9 semesters with an accelerated 6-semester option (33 credit hours, 10 courses).

The DNP is a practice doctorate, not a research doctorate. Rather than writing a dissertation based on original research, the DNP graduate completes an evidence-based practice (EBP) project. This project requires that the student spend a significant amount of time examining an EBP question based on the student’s specific area of interest. Students might choose to focus their DNP project on the care of individuals, aggregate, systems or organizational level. The DNP educates nurses to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency in patient care. Essentially, the DNP graduate uses the research completed in the EBP project to influence their practice.

Students may enroll at either Eastern Mennonite University or Goshen College, and their diploma will reflect that choice.