What is the senior class gift drive?

The 2015 Senior Class Gift

This drive is an opportunity for the seniors to participate in a class project and leave a legacy at Goshen College. The 2015 Senior Class gift drive will be underway SOON!

Goshen College graduating seniors have a tradition of giving to the College, beginning with the Class of 1915. For 100 years, college landmarks such as the stone bench next to the Adelphian Fountain as well as the cabin on the Elkhart River are the result of senior class energy and financial support.  Members of the class of 2015 can contribute funds towards the SST Endowment, the International Student Aid Fund and for a student club, Goshen Monologues. More information is to come about donor thank you gifts.

How does the gift drive work?

Any size gift is appreciated! There are three ways to donate:  designate a portion of your small group housing deposit (GC online),  with cash or check or make an online gift.

All the numbers are in and 29.5 percent of the 2014 Seniors gave a total of $1,410.  Will the Class of 2015 have a higher participation rate?

Why would a financially strapped college student choose to donate to the senior class gift?

It’s time to think about the larger picture. This is your chance to start investing into the education of future Goshen College students. Your gift, no matter the size, helps build a legacy for your class that will benefit those to follow. The hope is that this is the first step in a lifetime of giving back. While you were a student you have been supported by alumni and friends of Goshen College. Now it is your turn to join the tradition of good stewardship. We hope all seniors will participate, no matter the amount, to ensure the success of the program and leave a legacy for future students. You can make a gift of any amount that is comfortable for you by cash, check, or credit card. If you have a small group housing deposit – you may apply a portion of it towards your gift.

Thanks for your support!

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