Making a difference

The gift of “Culture for Service”

Throughout the year, Goshen College scholarship recipients have the opportunity to meet some very special people: individuals and families investing not only in their college studies, but in their potential and future. These Scholarship Donor Appreciation events are held to thank donors and family representatives of scholarships, and to introduce these generous benefactors to the student recipients of the scholarships. By establishing the connection between the two, both can see the living, enduring value of the gift of “Culture for Service” in Christian higher education.

Future Educator Benefits From Scholarship

Esther Showalter Deal’s life has been focused on serving others as she moved from being a teacher to working at summer camps to volunteering. Now in her 80’s, she enjoys being close to the Goshen College campus after relocating to Goshen in 2007, where she continues to help others. Her scholarship fund, established to benefit education majors at Goshen College, was first awarded in the spring of 2011.

“During my years at GC, my professors’ emphasis on service led me to feel that my life should be focused on helping others,” Esther recalled. “I decided to make a scholarship available because of my deep appreciation for Goshen College and faculty members, and because I want to support students who have a passion for education.”

Paige Davis ’13, an elementary education/special education major from Bourbon, IN, met with Esther Showalter Deal over lunch. Esther shared about her life experiences, and listened to Paige talk about her life as a student and a Maple Leaf basketball player. Esther has further supported Paige by cheering her on at her home basketball games, and was even able to meet Paige’s mother, which she says was “a real thrill!”

Paige writes, “I was honored to receive the scholarship for elementary education . . . Your support in helping others further their education is a very humble and noble act. This scholarship will help me in pursuing my college education and future career goal of becoming an elementary teacher.”