Women’s Basketball Team

The Goshen College Women’s Basketball program’s “Friends & Family Campaign” is an opportunity for our players and coaches to reach out to our most devoted and invested supporters in an effort to raise funds that will provide our student athletes the opportunity to have a top notch and nationally competitive experience in their years at Goshen College.

With our growth as a program over the last several years, including a NAIA Final Four finish, we have continued pressure to keep up with the top programs in the country in order to field the most competitive teams possible. If we want to remain in the top of the Crossroads League and be in the conversation annually at the NAIA National level, we want to offer our players and recruits the experiences and opportunities that distinguish our program as one of the country’s elite.

The funds raised from our donors will go directly to our players expenses and allow our program opportunities for travel experiences, long distance competitions against NAIA top teams, provide upgraded equipment, and add new uniform sets. All of these are beyond what our budget limitations could allow, yet add to a first class experience and help us compete across the country against some of the best programs in the NAIA. Thank you for your continued support of our great and growing GCWBB program & we look forward to seeing you soon back at the NAIA National Tournament!