Ross W Peterson-Veatch

Ross W Peterson-Veatch
  • Appointed July 1, 2015 as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean


Dr. Ross Peterson-Veatch began his college teaching career in 1987 as a Spanish instructor and has been in the classroom at various levels ever since.  He has taught many different subjects, including Spanish, Economics, Folklore, and interdisciplinary social science courses for first-year college students.  He currently teaches in the Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership (MAIL) Program at GC. He began his administrative career in 2001 as a full-time faculty development professional at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington. Since then he has held positions as a Program Director, Associate Academic Dean, and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Peterson-Veatch’s academic background is in Folklore, Spanish language, and Colonial Latin American Literature.  He holds master’s and doctorate degrees in folklore from Indiana University, Bloomington.


MAIL Courses

IIE 500 Program Orientation and Technology Training

IIE505 Self-Development for Intercultural Leaders

IIE 690 Capstone Project: Theory and Methods

Historic Courses

SOC 100 Racial and Cultural Identities – Colloquium

FOLK F360 Indiana Folklore

LAMP S104 Local Economies and Individual Choices

SPAN S266 Spanish Reading II

SPAN S250 Intermediate Spanish Language II

SPAN S216 Spanish Reading I

SPAN S200 Intermediate Spanish Language I

SPAN S150 Beginning Spanish Language II

SPAN S100 Beginning Spanish Language I

SPAN 13 Intermediate Spanish Language

SPAN 12 Beginning Spanish Language II

SPAN 11 Beginning Spanish Language I

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