Jim Halteman

Adjunct Professor of Economics

Jim Halteman


  • BA, Goshen College, 1966
  • MA, Pennsylvania State University, 1971
  • PHD, Pennsylvania State University, 1974
  • Trust has always been an important component of market capitalism. Now with asymmetric information in markets and biological and psychological explorations of the mind, concerns about trust, cooperation and moral reflection are becoming increasingly important areas of interest to economists. My current research is focused in this area.

Principles of Macroeconomics

Public Finance

May, 2004            “Productive Capital and the Wealth Passages in Scripture” presented at the Wheaton Conference on  Scripture and the Disciplines.

June, 2007            Presented the paper “Adam Smith and Human Behavior: How Social Approval Trumps     Self-Interest,”  at Twelfth World Congress of Social Economics, Amsterdam, NL.

June 2007             Presented “Adam Smiths Moral Philosophy” at Christian Scholars Conference, Rochester College, MI.

September 2007   Presented paper on “Moral Foundations of Classical Economics” at Hillsdale College, MI conference on free markets.

April 2009             “The Secularization of Economics in the 18th and 19th Centuries” at 25th anniversary celebration of ACE, Baylor University, TX.

April 2009               Presented:  “Markets and Moral Reflection: Three Views of How They Relate” at ASREC conference in Washington DC.

April 2011                Presentaton at ASREC conference. “Anabaptist Economics, Radical Modelling or Integrative Relevance.


Study Guide and Instructor’s Manual to accompany  Microeconomics and Behavior by Robert Frank,  McGraw‑Hill Publishing Co., New York, 1990. (book). 2nd edition, 1994. 3rd edition, 1996, 4th edition, 2000, 5th edition, 2002, 6th edition, 2005, 7th edition, 2007. 8th edition, 2009.

January 2012            Reckoning with Markets: Moral Reflection in Economics, co-authored with Edd Noell, Oxford    University Press.

2012 (forthcoming)  “The Bible and Economics, 1700-present”, entry in De Gruyter Encyclopedia of the Bible. The Hague.

October 2012            “Asymmetric Information and the Role of Trust in Markets” in Montreal Review.

2013 (forthcoming)  “Anabaptist Economics”, in Oxford Handbook on Christianity and Economics. Oxford University Press.

AEA:   American Economic Association

ACE:  Association of Christian Economists,

ASREC: Association for Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture