Jon Geiser

Associate Professor of Business, Business Development Director for CBEE

Jon Geiser


  • BA, Goshen College, 1982
  • MINTM, American Graduate School of International Management, 1991

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  • Family Business consulting.  Helping local business families navigate transitions in their businesses.
  • Development of the “Pathways to Careers” program for undergraduate college students.
  • Creation and promotion of educational seminars and workshops for local businesses.   Creation of a participative forum for business managers to focus on leadership development, peer learning, best-practice sharing, and the ongoing development of managerial business skills.

Financial Management

Introduces students to the primary elements of organizational finance such as time value of money, stock and bond valuation, forecasting, working capital management, capital budgeting, and dividend policy.


International Business

Focuses on business activities that cross national boundaries. It includes exports and imports – the subject of traditional international trade discussions – as well as foreign direct investment, international banking, the international transfer of technology and global business strategies. The dynamic environment of international business is considered in some detail. The course presents the important activities of an international firm and a framework for analysis from a manager’s perspective. Case studies are used.



In this course students will learn how to research, formulate and implement investment plans through portfolios constructed and monitored by students. Analytical frameworks and investment strategies that target objectives will be established and utilized. Also, decision making tools such as security valuation and leverage analysis models will be explored.


Operations Management

Decision-making and quantitative analysis of production problems arising in areas of methods analysis, plant location, facilities design, production planning and control, inventory management, performance measurement, job design, worker safety and health, materials handling and quality control.


Essential Business Skills

Designed for first year students, this course will introduce a variety of general business skills to benefit students in both their subsequent college courses and their future business career. Topics include business communication skills, personal productivity, working in teams, running effective meetings, problem-solving techniques, and decision-making.


Career Planning

The course will provide a framework within which to appraise career options, set goals and implement a plan to reach goals. Topics include self-appraisal, resumes, developing a job-search strategy, interviewing for jobs, choosing the first job and graduate-school opportunities.


Financial Statement Analysis

This course focuses on the use of financial statements and a series of financial ratios derived from those statements to analyze and measure the financial position of a company.  It is an in-depth study of the key indicators of economic health in an organization, and is an essential skill for both financial managers and investors.  Students have the opportunity to apply these analytical techniques to real companies through the project work that accompanies this course.


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

This course is designed to enhance students’ ability to analyze complex situations and arrive at well-reasoned decisions and recommendations through the use of analytical tools and processes.  We use the case-study method initially developed by Harvard Business School to apply the concepts taught in this course.


Business in Spain

This three-week experience provides students with an opportunity to explore what it’s like to do business in another country and culture.  Through case studies, hands-on projects, company visits, and guest lectures by Spanish professors and business managers, students compare and contrast the business customs and practices operating in Spain and the European Union with those in America.  Students also get the opportunity to experience the charm and magic of Barcelona’s culture and cuisine while staying in the city.


Strategic Planning, Action, and Measurement (Division of Adult and External Studies)

A five-week intensive course focusing on the strategic planning process and the application of various analytical tools for arriving at well-reasoned decisions and recommendations for implementing strategic change.  Various corporate strategies are studied including cost leadership, product differentiation, vertical integration, diversification, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and international expansion.  Multiple case studies are utilized to apply the concepts and tools studied.

Family Firm Institute (FFI) – member.  Awarded Certificate in Family Business Advising (2010)

Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) – board chairman of Michiana MEDA chapter

The  “Launch Pad” Entrepreneurship Incubator  (Goshen Chamber of Commerce) – advisory board member

2008-Present (Goshen College, Goshen, IN)

  • Associate Professor of Business,
  • Director of the Center for Business and Entrepreneurial Education (CBEE)

2007-2008 (Terra Group, Nappanee, IN)

  • Chief Financial Officer

2004-2007 (Swartzendruber Hardwood Creations, Goshen, IN)

  • General Manager

1999-2004 (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chester, United Kingdom)

  • Operations Director, European Financial Shared Services

1996-1999 (BICC Plc., Chester, United Kingdom)

  • Treasury Manager

1994-1996 (Escola d’Alta Direció i Administració (EADA), Barcelona, Spain)

  • Director of International Programs

1991-1994 (SEAT S.A. (Volkswagen), Barcelona, Spain)

  • Capital Investment Coordinator (Martorell Plant)

1990-1991 (McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company, Mesa, AZ)

  • Trade Credit and Countertrade Intern

1983-1989 (Various language schools, Barcelona, Spain)

  • English professor (TESOL)