Skip Barnett

Associate Professor of English, International Student Advisor

Skip Barnett


  • BA, Duke University, 1975
  • ACAD, Regent College, 1980
  • MA, George Mason University, 1988

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Associate Professor of English and Director of TESOL program: Goshen College; 1988 to present

– I have taught and, in most cases, developed the following TESOL-related courses:

Engl 310: Introduction to Linguistics

Engl 315: The English Language (history & varieties of the language)

Engl 319: Grammar of English

Engl 320: Methods of TESOL

Engl 325: TESOL Practicum (ESL practica in adult, K-12 and overseas locations

Educ 405: Student Teaching (supervised EL student teachers in local schools)


– I have taught the following courses for international students at Goshen College:

Intl 255: American Culture, Arts & Literature

Engl 110: Literature & Composition (first year “sheltered” writing course for international students)

CORE 110: Academic Voice (first year “sheltered” writing and speech course as for international students)

Engl 100: ESL (college prep ESL)


– I have taught the following courses for non-international students:

CORE 100: Identity, Culture & Community (first year student CORE course)

Engl 204: Expository Writing  (upper level writing course)


– Faculty co-adviser for English department’s Pinchpenny Press since at least 2008.

This ongoing departmental project encourages students to create and edit collections of their poetry, short stories, graphic short stories and creative non-fiction essays and then, with the advice and supervision of a student publishing board and the two faculty co-advisers, to publish, market and sell their collections as chapbooks. In 2012-13 the board published, marketed and recouped our costs on four such student collections.

– NCATE SPA accreditation of Goshen College’s TESOL teacher training program.

In collaboration with the college’s Teacher Education department, I have been updating our TESOL courses since the summer of 2011, striving to bring them into full compliance with NCATE SPA and TESOL, Inc. standards. This has involved creating various new and refocused activities and rubrics in the TESOL courses and linking them to those national standards.

– Ongoing study of Spanish

In collaboration with one of the college’s Spanish professors, I have been pursuing additional fluency in the Spanish language by means of one-on-one tutoring.


Assistant worship musician, St. John of the Cross church, Bristol, IN: For the weekly services at St. John of the Cross church, Bristol, IN I assist the pianist in leading the congregational singing.

Food pantry collection and distribution: For the Bristol, IN food pantry I help with the annual food collection and organization; also, some work with food distribution to needy people who come there for help.


– Annual Indiana TESOL conference, Indianapolis, Oct. 2012: Some Goshen TESOL students usually attend this conference with me; for this year’s conference I was able to take one student from another college but no Goshen students ended up being able to attend.

– Annual Region VI NAFSA conference, Nov. 2012, Columbus, OH: Conference for university international student advisers to learn about the most recent government regulations as well as to discuss other issues related to serving international students on US campuses.