Employees and Their Workplace

Standard Precautions When Working On Campus

>> Here is a guide with fuller details about the precautions you’ll need to take while working on campus. Print it off and keep it where you will see it, along with the self-screening checklist. Let’s help support each other in adopting these habits in positive and consistent ways.

Working Remotely

We also seek to support employees who need or prefer to continue to work remotely (fully or partially) if both employee and supervisor agree that they are able to successfully fulfill their job responsibilities in that way. To do so, review the telecommuting policy and work with your supervisor. You will need to complete a telecommuting agreement and file that with HR. This includes teaching faculty if they seek to teach their classes online this fall instead of in person.

Office Reopening Plans

All offices have developed reopening plans including:

  1. Identifying employee and department needs in personnel returning to campus: flexible or staggered work schedules particularly for those at high risk, cross training or developing back up plans for employees that get sick or need to be isolated.
  2. Identifying office and work area needs: barriers for those without a door who must work with walk-ups, doors that remain open to lessen touches, etc.
  3. Identifying safe ways to interact as a department and/or update traffic flow: update protocols or logistics to increase safe interactions, continuing to utilize virtual meetings, evaluate lobby areas
  4. Identifying high touch areas in common spaces and protocols for these areas. Posting signs at reminders for safe protocols.

Physical Plant will provide offices and departments with needed plexiglass barriers, hand sanitizer stations, disposable masks for guests, and disinfectant for wiping surfaces and keyboards in office spaces.

Professional Travel Off Campus

At this time and until further notice, all college-related travel (funded by the institution) to any destination that involves an overnight stay or using public transportation (plane, train, bus) is prohibited. Any requests for professional travel exceptions need to be approved by your vice president and all appropriate precautionary measures to protect yourself and others will be reviewed with you. This applies to all faculty, staff and students. We encourage you to explore creative options for alternative study, research, work, recruitment, fundraising, professional development and collaboration. We will continue to review and refine this approach, and keep you updated.

GC Vehicle Fleet Use

  • Cleaning following CDC guidance will occur in between each use.
  • Physical Plant has updated vehicle capacity guidelines. Vehicle occupants need to physically distance as much as possible and there should be as few people in a vehicle as possible.
  • Vehicle seats need to be assigned and recorded to help with contact tracing.
  • Face coverings are required to be worn if more than one person is in the vehicle. A combination of a face mask and shield is recommended, and will be provided by the Physical Plant if needed when checking out the vehicle.
  • Keep windows open if possible when more than one person in the vehicle.
  • No food or drink is allowed to be consumed in vehicles.

COVID-Related Benefits


    For those of you who are enrolled in the college’s medical insurance, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield now has a new telemedicine visit program available called Amwell Virtual Physician Visits as a convenient way to get non-emergency care wherever you are, whenever you want, at the price of only a $15 copay (which is temporarily waived). This service is available via your smartphone, phone, desktop or laptop. Read more about this new benefit, how to register and schedule an appointment here. And if you haven’t already registered for this service, we encourage you to do so ASAP.

Temporary Sick Leave Bank

    This benefit is a way that we can help each other during this difficult time. A leave recipient may receive up to a maximum of 80 hours of donated hours of paid leave from the donated leave bank if they do not have any of their own sick hours available. The donated hours may be used only for employees whose work is affected by COVID-19. Here is the temporary policy and directions for donations and requests. Please read the guidelines carefully and email hr@goshen.edu if you have any questions.

Employee Assistance Program

    We realize that you may have feelings of stress and uncertainty and need some additional support during this time. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help and you have two options for four complementary sessions with a professional counselor (GC does not pay for service outside of this arrangement).

    • Lincoln Financial Group’s Employee Connect: Unlimited 24/7 toll-free call 888-628-4824 or online access at www.Lincon4Benefits.com

Employee Sharing Fund

    For a number of years we have had an Employee Sharing Fund designed to provide assistance to employees who have unusual expenses that go beyond the benefits provided by the institution. Employees can request support from the fund when unpaid medical/health/adoption expenses or other unusual hardships become a burden. The college can provide funds for expenses incurred, with documentation. In addition, if you are on the college’s health insurance plan, the plan (Mennonite Educators Benefit Plan) will match what is provided by this fund and the Everence Sharing Fund will offer up to an additional $500 match. If you believe your circumstances warrant consideration at some point, contact the HR Office (hr@goshen.edu) for more information and an application.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    Effective through Dec. 31, 2020, the government’s Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. We are a covered employer with less than 500 employees, meaning that you might be eligible for the provisions. A poster summary is available here and additional details (en español también) are available here. To determine whether you are eligible for these and need to use them, talk with your supervisor and then reach out to the HR Office with your questions and for assistance.