Qusayih and Anafora

Ben and John are doing a variety of things in the small city of Qusayih in Upper Egypt. Their home is in the headquarters of the Coptic Church of the diocese of Qusayish. They are doing some teaching, and getting involved in community life by attending a wedding, visiting student homes and traveling to a nearby monastery.  They also spent some time at Anafora working on a project to build a model of first century Jerusalem.

Elspeth and David are living at the Coptic Retreat Center north of Cairo known as Anafora.  They are doing a variety of things including work in the kitchen, garden work, and teaching the craft of working with clay.  David has spent time developing the ceramics program, getting the wheel and the kiln in working order.  Elspeth and David worked for several intense days on building a model of 1st century Jerusalem.  Elspeth has been documenting the development of the model. They are also enjoying the liturgy in the daily Coptic services.