Egypt SST

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on earth.  With 6,000 years of history this complex and fascinating society will provide a wonderful laboratory for students to learn about an important part of our world. Egypt has been a crossroads for millennia and continues to be a society that combines many traditions; artistic, architectural, linguistic, religious, and culinary. Egypt also plays a critical role in a dynamic Middle East context.

The images below include Dr. Tom Meyers (Director of International Education at Goshen College) and Dr. Heba Seoudi (Local Coordinator for the Egypt SST Program) and their children at the pyramids of Giza. Heba is describing the uncovering of a large boat that was buried near the Great Pyramid of Pharoah Khufu that was created to take him to the next life. The Sphinx was constructed very close to the pyramids near the entrance to the Valley Temple.