SST, an experience like no other…..

SST in Ecuador is once again in full swing and for those who have experienced it firsthand, the first few days are a whirlwind of activity; a fire hydrant blast to the face of new sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and languages coming at you all day every day.

Students (and leaders) often say the first few days feel like a few weeks worth of experiences wrapped up into a non-stop sequence of interactions, observations, and adaptations.  What a gift it is to walk through this experience with one another as leaders and fellow SST’ers; to experience the ups and downs, the joys, the wonders, and the struggles together.  It is a unique time of growth as we encounter the breadth of human experience that is present in our world.  It is particularly special to see the kindness and compassion shared among students, everyday Ecuadorians, and host families.

We welcome you our readers to journey along with us from a distance, catching glimpses of our experiences over the three months we walk together in this beautiful country.