February 17, 2014

Welcome to Goshen College Lenten Devotions 2014: Beginning March 5 (Ash Wednesday)

Goshen College again offers an online resource to help believers make time and space in their hearts and minds to reflect during the season of Lent.

Beginning March 5 (Ash Wednesday) and culminating on April 20 (Easter), Goshen College students, faculty and staff will provide weekday reflections based on the Sunday’s upcoming lectionary Scripture passages. Many writers will reflect on the theme: “Encountering God: What Have We Witnessed?,” taken from church-wide resources published in the binational Leader magazine, a joint initiative of MC USA and MC Canada.

The devotions will reflect honestly on the Scriptures and offer words of assurances of faith. The spiritual offerings will include poetry, personal stories, reflections and prayers, all intended to more closely examine the call to change and follow Christ.

Since 2001, Goshen College annually celebrates special seasons of the church calendar, particularly Advent and Lent, with online devotions.



Comments (14)

  1. Just wanted to say “Thank You”. Look forward to this every year.

    Sylvia February 18, 2014 |
  2. I appreciate this gift.

    Jean Lersch February 18, 2014 |
  3. The Advent devotions made the season meaningful to me. Thank you.

    Michele February 18, 2014 |
  4. Looking forward to receiving them.

    Louise Froese February 18, 2014 |
  5. Thank-you in advance. Your devotions are good companions for the seasons of Lent and Advent.

    Elsie Rempel February 18, 2014 |
  6. Looking forward to the reflections.

    Jan Kraus February 18, 2014 |
  7. I guess it won’t be long! Thanks in advance!!!

    Ted Berg February 18, 2014 |
  8. I’ve been reading these devotions for about 4 years now and look forward to them each and every year. God bless each of you as you continue bringing Good News of Christ here on earth. Cinda

    Cinda Moore February 18, 2014 |
  9. I always appreciate both series of devotionals. Thanks.

    Mona Mann February 18, 2014 |
  10. I have received the Advent and Lenten devotions for several years now. And I received this message. It says that I can subscribe. Do I need to do anything, or will I continue to receive the devotions?

    Bill Hughes February 18, 2014 |
  11. THANKS A LOT for such a nice subjects from the holy books and good links between it and our daily true stories

    Baghdassar Ayedian February 19, 2014 |
  12. Eagerly looking forward to your reflections. Fresh air for my soul and those to whom I forward your precious insights. Bless you all.

    Mervyn Carapiet February 19, 2014 |
  13. Thank you so much for your spirit filled devotions, truly I look forward to recieving them. I share them with some of my hospice patients, as well as the nursing homes. They love them too!

    Perla Goody February 20, 2014 |
  14. Thank-you. I look forward to these reflections each season Lent&Advent.Thanks so much!!

    Rita Kolb February 24, 2014 |