November 28, 2012

Waiting all day long

By Grace Parker, a senior English and Bible and religion double major from Wichita, Kan.
SCRIPTURE: Psalm 25:1-10 (NRSV)

The psalm for today tells us to wait. Now I don’t know if it’s because I am young and graduating soon from college, or simply human, but I am ready for the next things in my life to happen. I am ready to have an answer to the ever-recurring question, “What are you doing next year?” I am ready to know where I will live or what I will do or who I will meet in my ever-looming future.

I am tired of waiting.

It should be no surprise then that today’s psalm is probably my most-read part of the Bible. In the first line — “To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul” — I enter anew into a relationship with God. To God, I lift up my soul. The psalmist is clearly aware of the multiple paths that present themselves to any person. In whatever way it appears in your life, God’s path already has a direction and destination for you: steadfast love and faithfulness.

In this time of Advent, waiting is not only a virtue, but the only action we can do. With the psalmist, I encourage you to wait all day long for the Lord who sustains us in our indecision, anxiety and weariness in waiting.

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 25:1-10 (NRSV)
Of David.
To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
O my God, in you I trust;
do not let me be put to shame;
do not let my enemies exult over me.
Do not let those who wait for you be put to shame;
let them be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous.
Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
teach me your paths.
Lead me in your truth, and teach me,
for you are the God of my salvation;
for you I wait all day long.
Be mindful of your mercy, O Lord, and of your steadfast love,
for they have been from of old.
Do not remember the sins of my youth or my transgressions;
according to your steadfast love remember me,
for your goodness’ sake, O Lord!
Good and upright is the Lord;
therefore he instructs sinners in the way.
He leads the humble in what is right,
and teaches the humble his way.
All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness,
for those who keep his covenant and his decrees.



Comments (15)

  1. Grace, you are well on your way in pastoral ministries. Thank you for your devotion. Today is such a busy day for me as Minister of Music and I wonder how “ready” my chancel choir and hand bell choir will be for Christmas. Your encouraging words gave me pause….. to “wait and ponder” the season and enjoy the day irregardless of imperfections.

    Lorraine Murphy November 28, 2012 |
  2. Waiting is so hard. Thank you for sharing.

    Doreen November 28, 2012 |
  3. Grace. You are young. Impatience is part of that. You’re waiting ‘at the gate’. Literally ‘ready to go’. But where? Ah, yeah that’s the question indeed! But you know what? Let me give you some advice. Just as Lorraine said, ‘enjoy the day’ whatever it presents. Explore. You will find ‘your way’. If you listen….

    Debbie Lackowitz November 28, 2012 |
  4. Grace, you have chosen a good prayer with this Psalm: “Lead me in your truth and teach me”; you can wait with assurance and expectantly. With added years, as you look back you will become aware of the marvelous ways in which God has been faithful.

    Wilma Shank November 28, 2012 |
  5. God will answer to you in His Time… We need to be patient until then….

    Mary Helen Wade November 28, 2012 |
  6. Ah! Advent time already. After reading this I realized I was exhaling all this planning, stress, and expectation of the coming days, and resting in the presence of God. Thank you for reminding me to find my true breath of life, and continue on as a sane and centered person. . .whew! Thank you Grace.

    Melana Scofield November 28, 2012 |
  7. I have also learned that in addition to waiting is not to worry. Everything will turn out all right.

    Lisa Redfield November 28, 2012 |
  8. No matter our age this is a hurried world fast food fast every thing needs to be done yesterday.
    It is good for us to sit and think of God in our lives thanks for reminding us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bob November 28, 2012 |
  9. Grace, this devotion made me smile. Waiting is an inevitable, though sometimes irritating, part of being on ‘the way.’

    Sheldon November 28, 2012 |
  10. Thank you Grace for such an intimate expression of the season and the Psalm.
    May we embrace the our own appointed waiting.

    Frances November 28, 2012 |
  11. Grace, thank you for your insight and inspirition…I’m a HOOSIER “waiting in Maine!

    Karen Ellis November 29, 2012 |
  12. As I waited on the train (Kercher Rd. headed west) as the factories let out, I turned the engine off, started reading my email to find this wonderful, timely, message from you. Put a smile on my grumble. Thanks!

    Jim Brenneman, GC President November 29, 2012 |
  13. Grace, thanks for your words. I need to have peace while waiting as well. :)

    Brook Hostetter November 29, 2012 |
  14. Thank you, Grace, and blessings in abundance as you await the adventures and surprises God has in store for you! As I read this I was reminded of a quote that popped up very unexpectedly a couple of years ago just at the right time when I needed it most, “Respect the timeline that is not ours.” It continues to come to my mind often and offers peace when I am in waiting mode.

    Ramona Yoder November 29, 2012 |
  15. Much good awaits you, I’m sure. Waiting is opportunity for taking advantage of what is right in front of us. However, my hubby doesn’t share my enthusiastic announcement of ‘bonding time’! to a slow-moving, long train we have to wait on.:) Reaching for more closeness to the One who holds our future will help make the most of our waiting moments. Thanks for sharing.

    Ruth November 30, 2012 |