March 31, 2014

The Spirit is life

By Taylor Ermoian, a junior social work major from Hays, Kan.
THIS WEEK’S THEME: The Spirit is life

The spirit is life! The spirit that led Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days, the spirit that raised Lazarus to life, the spirit that called the lame man to take up his mat and walk, the very same spirit that leads me in my humble approach to resemble anything pertaining to the word of God. The spirit that bears fruit and bursts with light. That heals, restores and flourishes. The spirit that is sewn in my being, the source of joy, pouring life in my veins. That instills in me movement, purpose, peace and wholeness. That moves through the rivers, stretches down through the roots and soars through the winds. This spirit is overflowing with life and it is with you.

This spirit I speak of, the spirit that moved through Jesus, has not come to take life, but to give it. This spirit resides in the joys of life’s goodness, in the depths of our pain, and at the core of our fulfillment.

My time on earth has allowed me to become more aware of how life-giving God’s spirit truly is. I too, learn everyday of how God’s spirit can be seen and encountered through all things. As we open our beings we see that God is in all. Brothers and sisters, this Lenten season, let us all become more aware of the vastness and wonder of God’s spirit, reveling in God’s life-emitting presence. May God fill us with wonder and meaning as we venture on this journey of living in the moment and choosing to live in the spirit that breathes life! Let us be transformed.




Comments (8)

  1. Thanks, Taylor, for a great message that God is with us always and can be found in all situations and all places. Throughout our lives we have the opportunity to learn to receive God’s gifts during times of joy and Gods’ peace during times of pain. We are blessed through these encounters.

    Melissa Kinsey March 31, 2014 |
  2. I can see and feel the Spirit moving through your descriptive words of it’s life-giving path. You leave us with anticipation that transformation will be happening as we encounter God’s presence. Thanks for the uplifting meditation, Taylor.

    Ruth March 31, 2014 |
  3. Thank you, Taylor, for your Spirit-filled contemplation. I pray I may become more and more conscious of the Divine Spirit poured into my heart, my very being, by our dear Lord Jesus Christ.
    Lenten blessings,
    Mervyn Carapiet

    Mervyn Carapiet March 31, 2014 |
  4. Wisdom, truth, life, poetic beauty, encapsulated in your devotion for this morning. I will print to re-read and use often. thank you.

    Diana Thomas March 31, 2014 |
  5. Yes, our time on earth is precious and not to be wasted in any way, for in it God shows us His glory and love, both in small and in big ways.

    Elizabeth March 31, 2014 |
  6. Thanks Taylor, for the reminder of the meaning of “Emanuel”. You have poetically stated the way in which the Spirit of God is always present to help us live like Jesus.

    leonard Garber March 31, 2014 |
  7. A very vibrant message; thanks so much. Wilma

    Wilma Shank March 31, 2014 |
  8. Thanks for your comments, Taylor. Good to hear from you. Joyce H. from Hesston College faculty.

    Joyce Huber March 31, 2014 |