1. Quinn, Thank You for this perspective. – and for your personal touch about the closet light and now resting better in the shade – set the stage nicely for your thoughts, which will help me not to ‘flip on the nightlight’, and just accept the benefit of dwelling in the shade for a time.

  2. Quinn, I am amazed and grateful for your insight, learned from your childhood thru adult experiences, into this theme. It gave me a new perspective of shade and God’s presence in my darkest times. Thanks for taking the time in your busy student schedule to prepare a meditation! (Goshen grad’s parent)

  3. Quinn, yours is a wonderful reminder that whole ecosystems live in the shade of a tree or on the backside of a mountain or at night. Thanks be to God!

  4. What wonderful insights Quinn. Thank you for the reminder that God is Lord of the light and the shade.

  5. I too was afraid of the dark as a child and well into adulthood, until a very special prayer partner gave me a little plastic cross that glowed in the dark! Now I no longer fear the dark, which is really shade, because God is there as well! Thank you, Quinn

  6. Quinn, I am reading this on the other side of the world, in Kathmandu, and it really spoke to me. Here I am feeling vulnerable, and lonely for the familiar and my family and friends. And here even in the day, we face darkness as the electricity is on for only on a few hours each day and night. So it is good to read that in God I find my comfort and He gives me peace…In two days I must make a trip on a micro to the west of the country, and I am afraid, so I will remember this devotional.

  7. I am at the hospital waiting for test results for my 94 year old father in law. Your devotion gave me courage and faith. Jesus has conquered this too!

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