iPad Lease & Purchase Program

Our goal is to have 100 percent iPad coverage at the course level. That means if a professor is incorporating the iPad into a course, we want to make it easy and affordable for every student in the class to have one, even while recognizing that not everyone may need or want one. To accomplish this we’ve created a subsidized iPad lease/purchase program. Here are the details:

  • All juniors, seniors, part-time students, and transfer students are eligible for this lease/purchase program, whether you have a class that uses the iPad, you feel like you’d benefit academically by having one, or you just want one.
  • It’s as easy as buying a textbook. One payment of $160 or two payments of $80.  After two semesters, the iPad belongs to you. That’s it. Limit 1 per student.
    • During the fall semester, students who sign up for the lease program before fall mid-term will have the option to spread their lease payment over both fall and spring semesters. But, students who sign up after fall mid-term will only have the option to pay the entire $160 lease fee up front.
    • During the spring semester, students who sign up for the lease program will need to pay the entire $160 lease fee up front.
    • During May term, students who sign-up for the lease program before the May term drop-add date can still have the charge applied to their May term tuition statement, and will need to pay the entire $160 lease fee up front. 
    • Students who sign up after the May term drop-add, or during the summer months, won’t be billed for the lease payment until the start of the next fall semester, and won’t receive their iPad until after the start of the next fall semester.  
  • You’ll get a 16 GB iPad Mini, the same model incoming first-year students will be receiving.
  • Sometime between now and before you receive your iPad, you will need to set up your AppleID. This will allow you to purchase apps and eBooks, and is required to set up your iPad. You can sign up at appleid.apple.com
  • You will need to purchase a case to personalize and protect your iPad. You can either do this in advance or buy one at the college bookstore when you arrive on campus. Your cover helps distinguish your iPad as yours. On a campus full of iPads that’s important, so be creative!  Be sure that the cover provides adequate padded protection for the screen, covers the back of the iPad, and provides adequate padded protection to the corners of the iPad. The model is the iPad Mini, so make sure that the cover you choose is designed for the iPad Mini.

Many students will find that over a two-year period this is a net cost savings versus buying or renting paper textbooks. We also hope that you’ll take up the challenge of applying the iPad to your discipline in creative, innovative ways, and share your discoveries with those around you. To sign up for the lease program click the following link:

Yes, I’d like to lease an iPad. You will be prompted to authenticate with your Goshen College username and password. Please register with your Goshen College email address.