Communications and Marketing

As part of the Enrollment Management and Marketing Division, the Communications and Marketing Office (formerly the Public Relations Office) provides strategic coordination and implementation of communication and marketing in multiple mediums to advance Goshen College’s core values, mission and vision. As communication professionals, we partner with academic departments and campus offices to reach Goshen College’s diverse external audiences with timely, informative, effective and creative messages.

Services we provide

The Communications and Marketing Office provides a full range of goods and services to help promote your department, office or event.

  • Advertising, including conceptualization, content (text, photos), design and placement
  • Copy and news writing, editing and proofreading for publications, websites and social media
  • Boilerplate paragraphs for use in press releases, grant writing and other forms or publications
  • Communication planning, project management and crisis communication
  • HTML email content, design and distribution for communication and marketing purposes
  • Graphic design for print, online, social media and promotional items
  • News media relations, including the reporting and writing of stories, news releases, news media monitoring, enhancing news media relationships and communicating for the college during crises
  • Photography for news, publications, emails, web pages and social media
  • Promotional items for institutional purposes as well as for departments and offices
  • Public relations to enhance relationships between the college and its constituents
  • Social media advising, content, design monitoring and relationship building. Visit the social media directory to get a sense of how others are using social tools to promote and share.
  • Visual identity, including the use of the college’s logo and its design standards
  • Website content, design, development and advising for and other GC websites

An in-depth look at what we do

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Working closely with campus clients, the Communications and Marketing Office crafts and designs advertising messages that are enhanced with photography and graphic elements. We also coordinate the placement of advertising with newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, websites and other mediums.

Communication Planning and Project Management

We offer project management to help academic departments and campus offices meet their communication and marketing goals through planning and project management. We often help academic departments and campus offices to communicate about programs, events or special initiatives. We also assist with crisis communication as well as design communication campaigns to meet long-term goals.

Graphic Design for Print

To maintain consistent visual identity for Goshen College, the Communications and Marketing Office is responsible for the design and production of printed materials for the college. Examples of our work include booklets, brochures, business cards, displays, fliers, forms, invitations, postcards, posters, programs, promotional items, signage and T-shirts. Besides consultation with clients and design, we make printing and production arrangements (on and off campus).

News Media Relations

The Communications and Marketing Office promotes a positive image of the college and its constituents, including students, faculty, staff and alumni with the news media. Our news services include:

  • Writing and distributing of news releases about events, individual and department achievements and special announcements;
  • Coordinating the college’s news, features and events websites;
  • Increasing recognition of the college by linking faculty, staff and student experts with reporters and editors locally, regionally and nationally as sources. View a list of faculty experts;
  • Pitching college-related stories for placement in local, regional and national media (view examples of “GC in the News”)
  • Acting as spokespersons for the college and coordinating media coverage of on-campus events, news, and crises events.

Faculty, staff and students: Contact the Communications and Marketing Office for help publicizing an event on campus or to suggest interesting Goshen-related stories for coverage. Also, members of the news media often contact the Communications and Marketing Office requesting to speak with an expert on a specific subject. If your expertise matches the request, we may contact you to complete the interview. Please be advised that reporters often have immediate deadlines, but we will do our best to contact you with as much advance notice as possible. If you receive a call from a reporter directly, we would appreciate if you would notify a member of the Communications and Marketing Office.

Journalists: Communicate with us directly in order to contact students, faculty and staff, to brainstorm story ideas or to discuss our news releases.


The Communications and Marketing Office provides oversight of official institutional photography for college publications and web pages. Contact the Communications and Marketing Office to request a photo or for help repurposing images, or download a stock GC image here. To maintain a consistent style in all Goshen College materials, both print and web, photos of all personnel (half-time or greater) should be taken by our staff photographers. Staff photographers schedule times annually for new faculty and staff (and those in need of updated portraits) to have their portraits taken.

We also provide an image bank for on-campus clients for space-specific artwork.

Promotional Items

We coordinate the purchase of promotional items for academic departments and campus offices, including Admissions, College Relations and Development. We have designed and provided such items as apparel, bookmarks, buttons, calendars, coffee mugs, decals, license plate frames, pens, and styluses for smart devices.

Social Media

We are responsible for creating, maintaining and monitoring the college’s main social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in creating a social media presence, contact the Communications and Marketing Office.

Visual Identity

We provide guidance on the appropriate use of the Goshen College Visual Identity and Standards, including the appropriate uses of the college’s logos, preferred fonts and recommended colors.

Web Content and Design

Our web team is responsible for the creation and implementation of web features such as online forms, site graphics, HTML email (e-newsletters), and creation of new faculty, departmental and office sites. We also serve as a resource for campus web editors regarding best practices, design standards, usability guidelines and trends. If you need something changed or added to your website, have an idea for something new, or are a campus web editor with questions about accomplishing specific tasks, we are here to help.

Contact Us

Do you have a question or comment for the Goshen College Communications and Marketing Office? Please get in touch with us.


Phone: (574) 535-7569

Location: Wyse Hall, Rooms 114-122

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