A big hole!

7.4.12 – 9:35 a.m. EST

Good morning! When we came back at around 8 a.m. we could see that all of the dirt had been removed overnight and the crew had made it down to the bottom of the big hole. Their next step was to cut off the top 18 ft. of the steel pilings that surround the area in order to make way for the corridor between stairwells. Now, they’re busy digging trenches down at the bottom of the pit to lay drain basins. There are two dry wells/catch basins at the bottom that are connected to one another, and one has a pump that will later discharge stormwater. Glenn Gilbert, Goshen College Project Coordinator, tells us that he thinks the crew is “pretty much on schedule!” Now the crane is in place and they’re prepping the first preformed cement unit to be lowered down into the hole.

Temperature update: 85 degrees, feels like 90… The heat hasn’t stopped eager onlookers of all ages from enjoying the excitement!

Photos (by Anna Ruth ’12):

Videos (by Anna Ruth ’12):

Layla from Goshen tells us why she’s excited about the underpass construction.